Jen Molloy

BritBox - Content Marketing Specialist application

My name is Jen and I'm a marketing professional, digital filmmaker, TV and movie enthusiast and all-round pop culture fanatic. I am proud to say that I have worked on some of the BBC's biggest campaigns, running social accounts and creating promotional emails and I am in a fantastic position to move into the Content Marketing Specialist role with you at BritBox, a service I have been eager to work with for a while.


Here's what I can bring to the role immediately - 


Email marketing: In my current role with BBC Tiny Happy People, one of my primary responsibilities is email marketing. My role is to ensure that we send smart and creative emails that are tailored to each user's preferences and activity. I am results-driven and experienced in market research, mapping audience behaviour and identifying business opportunities.  


Knowledge of British television: From Pointless to Poldark, I think we make fantastic telly and I want to shout about it. I know the content inside out and I have spent the last 26 years growing up with it. My passion and in-depth knowledge for British talent and TV is part of the reason I am so excited about this role and feel so prepared to move into it. 

Understanding of the audience: I already have a solid understanding of North American audiences, having studied and lived in the USA whilst completing my American Studies degree. But more importantly, I know what television shows, talent and content resonate with this audience. BritBox markets to an older demographic in the US and Canada and I recognise that we need to lean into the classics and focus on the Judie Denchs over the Jodie Whittakers. I know British talent like the back of my hand and I think being aware and having prior knowledge of what lands with the audience will give me an edge in this role.


Creativity: My time with the BBC has pushed me to think more creatively, particularly my first BBC role with Children in Need. In this job, I ran the BBC social accounts, created daily content, used CMS and wrote copy for the weekly email. I have also worked in production, writing creative briefs and collaborating with various other BBC and partner platforms. This role emphasised to me how important it is to keep up with social and pop-culture trends and made me conscious of always having a solid editorial hook that repeatedly engages our audience.

The job description asked that I attach relevant work samples, so I have taken some time to create two sample BritBox emails and few Instagram posts to demonstrate my marketing skills, creativity and knowledge of both British television and the relevant audience


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