Welcome to ShotByJen.

Hi there!

I want to kick off my new site with a quick blog post introducing myself!

My name is Jennifer, I'm based here in Manchester, England and I'm a freelance photographer and videographer. Following my passion has taken me all over the world, from creating content for a travel company in New York to making videos for a charity in Brazil and even to the BBC which is right on my doorstep.

Right now, I'm most excited about venturing into the world of wedding video! Being a bridesmaid for my sister and my best friend last year was awesome, but I was itching to have my camera with me as I wanted to capture all the beautiful, unique moments I was witnessing, so I figured, I will take my love for shooting and editing and hopefully find some amazing couples to work with!

I'm looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings and to hopefully being able to meet some lovely couples and create something that will last a lifetime.

Love and Lens!


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